Comportament Chat

The Rummy games are social skill-based card games that combine strategy, concentration and vigilance towards other players’ actions. In order to maximize your online Rummy experience, we have assimilated many real-life functions that enable you to play the game as if you were a foot away from your opponents.

Besides the intellectual challenge, a great part of the game’s enthusiastic atmosphere is rooted in the players’ interaction. We have implemented a chat that helps keep track of the player’s actions as well as communicate with one another.

The chat in the main lobby has been implemented in order to enable our members to engage in play with players from all over the world, inviting them into specific rooms. In addition, this chat is being used by the RummyRoyal staff for the purposes of informing or members regarding general matters that concern them all – such as upgrades and maintenance work, special promotions, new features and more. For these reasons, we would like to ask you to refrain from using it in a manner that interferes with the proceedings mentioned above.

The chats inside the game rooms have been designed to enhance real-life play as it enables our members to share their experience and get to know each other, creating a warm and playful environment.

Suffice it to say that the chat function inside the RummyRoyal application is there to enhance your gaming experience, and may be adjusted according to your will. In case you find the chat to be distracting, you can simply turn it off, or adjust it to receive the dealer’s announcements alone.

For the purposes of creating a pleasant and fair gaming environment, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:

  • Please refrain from “flooding” the chat.
  • Please refrain from typing in capital letters which gives the impression that you are shouting, and may disturb some of the other players.
  • Please refrain from the use of inappropriate language and abusive direct or indirect behavior. Please bear in mind that other players may be sensitive to that, and we will not tolerate any kind of chat abuse.
  • Make sure to complete your turn in a timely manner, and don’t stall.
  • Advertising activity of any kind is not allowed.
  • Contact our support center in case you have any information regarding player abuse.

Chat Abuse Policy

  1. RummyRoyal reserves the right to deny the chatting privileges from any member at its sole discretion and any decision made by our management regarding this matter will be final.
  2. Any verbal direct or indirect abuse any chat use that does not comply with the above proceedings will not be tolerated by RummyRoyal. We monitor our chats on a daily basis and members that will be found to be engaging in abusive disturbing activities of any kind will be deprived of their chat privileges instantly.
  3. In case you encounter an abusive verbal behavior, we would like to ask you to notify our support team immediately. In order to avoid any further inconvenience, we would like to ask you to refrain from responding to this kind of behavior and allow us to handle the matter effectively.
  4. Any member who disregards our Chat Abuse Policy will consequently have his or her chat rights revoked temporarily. This first chat ban constitutes a disciplinary period and is intended to promote the use of pleasant and proper language in our chat rooms. The length of this initial chat ban may vary in accordance to the harshness of the violation. Any further infractions beyond this initial chat ban will lead to a final and unforgiving permanent chat ban.